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Minimum Wage Increase Across Ontario

$11.00 to $11.25

The Ontario government is once again raising minimum wages across Ontario, with a general minimum wage increase from $11.00 to $11.25 per hour. This increase comes along with minimum wage increases that are targeted at homeworkers, working students, and servers. This year’s increase is one of seven increases that have taken place since 2005, increasing the minimum wage from $7.45 in 2005 to the $11.25 it is now.   

The most recent change in Ontario's minimum wage is due to revision of the Employment Standards Act, along with recommendations from the Ontario minimum wage advisory panel, which effectively ties minimum wage in Ontario to cost of living. Under this new legislation, the more expensive it becomes to live in Ontario, the more Ontario’s workers are guaranteed to make.  

Changes like this ensure that Ontarians never get left behind in terms of buying power and standard of living.

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